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Nicky is Running Again!

Written by: Debbi
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Our dog, Nicky, is a miniature dachshund who is 8 years old.  Don’t let his small stature fool you.  Nicky is a dog who loves agility; he can run circles around all types of breeds.  This little dog has won many National Championships in agility and, just this past Spring, in Jacksonville, Florida, he earned 1st place overall in his division!

In early July, Nicky’s personality changed when he became ill.  He was lethargic, incontinent of his bladder, withdrawn, and would not eat.  My husband and I took him to our primary veterinarian, who ran lab work.  Results showed his kidney numbers were alarmingly high.  By mid August, his condition worsened.  More lab work was done and we were told that he was in renal failure.  We were heartbroken, but did not want to give up hope.  

We inquired about a specialist and were given the name of Dr. Klose, from Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists.   Many more tests and additional lab work were done.  Dr. Klose suggested that we run two additional tests, since his ultra sound was fine and all other lab work appeared fine.  Within 48 hours of this additional lab work, Dr. Klose called and shared that Nicky had tested positive for “Leptospirosis”.  He was started on a new medication that day and within 3 weeks we could see an significant improvement.  Each day he was becoming more like himself.  I was so excited to see him light up again and run.

At the end of September, we were entered in a dog competition for a weekend with our other dogs and Nicky was with us.  I could see in his eyes he wanted so badly to run. Normally, there are 10-13 events on a weekend.  After looking at Nicky, and seeing how excited he was, we entered him in 5 events over the entire weekend.  Nicky was so happy and he ran his heart out.  He won 1st place in all 5 events!  We cannot thank Lakeshore and Dr. Klose enough.  Our Nicky continues to be monitored by Dr. Klose and his team.  There are no words that can describe what it meant to see him run again and enjoy his agility.  ...read more


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Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists has been voted as THE TOP CHOICE for veterinary care in the 2017 Top Choice Awards! We were thrilled to finish as finalist last year, and we are even more honored be the winner of the "Veterinarian" category this year!


Thank you for making us the top choice for veterinary care in Wisconsin! 

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