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We Can Love Barley for Years to Come

Written by: Tammy, Scott, Shaylyn, Travis, Barley
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

Dr's Byl and Tremelling, Bonnie and all the amazing staff at Lakeshore,

Thank you for caring for Barley like he was your cat.  He is doing very well, running around the house and so playful.

We appreciate all you did so that we can love Barley for many years to come.

Buck is Recovering Well

Written by: Thomas
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Many thanks to the team of doctors and staff that took care of my Lab, Buck, over the last couple of weeks. From the initial evaluation to undergoing multiple tests to surgery and post-op, they were all very professional and compassionate. They also provided excellent follow up communication before, during and after the procedures. 

Buck is recovering very well and is back to being a happy Lab again.

Thanks again Lakeshore!!

Truly Never Too Busy to Care

Written by: Carli & Macy
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

Dr. Buback and Staff,

Macy and I would just like to thank all of the staff at Lakeshore Vet for the help, advice, phone calls, availability, and care she experienced with her TPLO surgery!  Your kindness, understanding, and help made this go as smoothly as it could.  The help with contacting our new vet in Iowa was above and beyond what we could ask for to make our move easier!  You truly are never too busy to care.

Most certainly the BEST vet experience we have ever had!  Thank you for everything!


Carli & Macy

Lakeshore Took Great Care of Us

Written by: Jody
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

Our dog, Diesel, was not feeling good and we had him at our local vet earlier in the week and they placed him on a bland diet. A few days after he seemed better but then late on Saturday night, he wouldn't leave our side and we tried laying with him and giving him pillows but nothing work. We called Lakeshore Sunday AM and inquired about price to visit (which was reasonable) and schedule appt. The staff was great and understood our concern with our furry family member. Diesel was asked to stay so they could do some more testing. Later that day, we received a call that all pet owners dread. Diesel was sick and they didn't know if surgery would help. We made the tough call to lay him to rest because they feared if we brought him home, he wouldn't make it. Through many tears, we drove back down and were greeted with lots of sincerity from the staff. They had a secluded family room for us to say our final goodbyes with no time constraints or pressure from the staff.

It was a horrible time for our family but they took great care of us and Diesel. I hope we never have to do that again with our other dogs, but if we have a medical emergency again- we will not hesitate to come here!! They made the final process steps easy to understand and allowed us to choose how we wanted to take Diesel home. They again apologized for our families' loss once we picked up his remains and we received a card in the mail that was signed by all the staff with Diesel's footprints. 

Thank you for all your help!

Thank You for Giving Me My Dog Back

Written by: Abby and Matt
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

My name is Abby and my pet Vinny has been treating with Dr. Rushing for almost a year now for meningitis.  I'm sure your clinic sees a lot of tragedy, so I wanted to share some good news.
When my husband (Matt) and I brought Vinny in last September, 2015, it was very scary and we did not have much hope for him.  But over the course of his recommended treatment by Dr. Rushing, we gradually noticed slight improvements.  It took a while, but we saw hope.  I am happy to say that almost a year out from his initial diagnosis, I feel like I have my dog back. Vinny loves to be outside, he LOVES to bring me toys, play keep away and/or tug of war, he also loves to go swimming, and lastly he loves to cuddle (and sometimes chase) with his sister Bella. These are all activities that he used to enjoy prior to his illness and until more recently, he wasn't able to do.  So, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me my dog back. He is so loved and without your help and expertise, we would have lost him.  

Comforting Experience

Written by: Barbara
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Oak Creek

Our Yorkshire Terrier, Candy had a TPLO surgery in April. When we went in for our consultation with Dr. Stepnik he explained her problem and the different procedures recommended for her. He put it in terms we could understand, and helped us make the right choice for her.  We felt very comfortable with him and the decision we made together.  Surgery went well and Dr. Stepnik called us to report her condition. She was to stay the night. We did call once to check on her, which they encouraged us to do.

All in all, our experience at Lakeshore was a comforting one.  Everyone we encountered truly cared about Candy.  And what a pleasant surprise at the time of Candy's pick up, we had money coming back! Which meant the estimate they gave me up front was high.  That rarely happens! What that means to me, is their honesty. Today Candy is doing very well. She is back to playing and enjoying her little life. Thank you to all the staff of Lakeshore for your compassionate care. We will definitely recommend your services. 

This Is the "A" Team

Written by: Scott & June
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale (PetCure Oncology)

 I would like the world to know how much my wife and I appreciate the expert professional attention and loving care this team put forth to help us cope and care for our son. Words can and will never express gratitude we feel and the respect we have for all these individuals who helped Brutus through this difficult time. From the start JoAnn was an Angel talking us through each step, even while at a wedding she took our phone call. JoAnn we owe you. Amy the oncologist with so much heart and compassion we thank you and if you ever need a Stan's Donut fix let us know. Dr. Mauldin mapping the treatment out, talking us through the procedure and making this entire treatment seem like a walk in the park. Dr Rudloff you are a very special person. The care and warmth you bring to not only the patients but the parents is amazing. I have met several Vet. in my lifetime and none can hold a candle next to you. NOT EVEN CLOSE. You attention to detail with the care and love you have for animals is amazing. This is the A Team. I promise who ever reads this if you ever need medical attention for a family member with for legs this is the best place in the United States to be. JoAnn we will keep in touch and are looking forward to having you and your family visit us in Michigan. Amy thank you for your compassion. Please send out a special thanks to Joyce for her thoughtful wishes and conversation. Also than you Amy the client care liaison for your your funny stories and for keeping us informed and company while our son was having his procedure. Thanks again to all involved.

The End Result Was Oustanding

Written by: Tom
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

In January our dog Brandy had TPLO surgery. We followed the instructions for post surgery and had laser treatments. We started taking her to swim therapy and the therapist said that if we had not told her Brandy had the surgery she would have never known. I have to thank and commend the surgeons and staff at Lakeshore for the great job they did and the post surgery instructions they gave. I didn't know what to expect but the end result was outstanding!!!!! Keep up the good work.

From us and Brandy THANK YOU

Thank You Dr. Rushing!

Written by: Kristin
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Thank you to Dr. Rushing and the rest of the team that helped Pickles! I am so happy you were there to help us. I really appreciate the compassionate care she received. You have given her a chance to have a happy, pain free life. Thank you so much!

What an Amazing Place!

Written by: Jill
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

What an amazing place. The compassion given to our dog was wonderful. From the receptionist who checked us in, to the tech who was beyond gentle and patient, to the kind and caring veterinarian, everyone here is wonderful. You are all doing the jobs you were meant to be doing. Thank you for taking great care of our puppy!