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Read our client testimonials below to see examples of how our clients and patients have received compassionate specialty and emergency care at our hospitals. To schedule an appointment with Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists, call your nearest location today.

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Staff Members Went Above And Beyond Expectations

Written by: Jaye and William
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Dear Christina,

Last Tuesday evening, we had to make the single most challenging decision a pet owner can make.  Unfortunately, we were compelled to euthanize our pet cat (Hector; DOB 06/04/2012) after an emotional discussion with Abigail Schmidt, BVMS.  

Please be advised that Ms. Schmidt was one of MANY staff members who went above and beyond any pet owner's expectations in the way of service, compassion and professional excellence.  My partner and I insist that you commend each and every one of the following staff members for their kindness and consideration:

Abigail Schmidt, BVMS, The clinician who examined our beloved pet

Emilie, Client Care Specialist

Sam, Veterinary Assistant

Jean, Client Care Specialist

We'd hardly believe such a group of kind-hearted people existed, but at your organization, they clearly do.  We not only request that you share this correspondence with your Client Care Manager, Holly, but we welcome you to publish it as both a client testimonial and a reminder that compassion for both pets and their owners are equally priceless.

Once again, we salute you for your professionalism, your commitment to your field and for making one of the worst possible evenings more bearable.

Best Wishes,

Jaye & William

Lakeshore Was There For Us

Written by: Laurie
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Oak Creek

Lakeshore Veterinary specialists were there when our Rocky needed them the most. Every person that we worked with was compassionate to us and our furry family member. Not only did you provide us with options, you kept us updated throughout his overnight stay and followed up with us again in the following weeks. Thank you again for taking good care of our Golden.

Outstanding Treatment

Written by: David
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

The treatment for Hans starting with the receptionist, to the technician, to the Doctor was outstanding. Even though I only use Lakeshore  for emergency and after hours problems and treatment, I feel they treat Hans and myself as a regular patient.

Cody and Kiera are Reunited!

Written by: Rebecca, Robert, Cody & Kiera
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

To Everyone at Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists, 

Don't know how you do it all, but I'm really glad you do.  Thank you so much for taking amazing care of our baby, Cody.  He is so happy to be home with his sister, Kiera!  :)

Thank you,

Rebecca, Robert, Cody & Kiera

Professional Care

Written by: Bob & Karen
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

Dear Dr. Byl, Dr. Buback, Dr. Tremelling, and Staff,
We would like to thank you for your recent help in caring for our dog, Elle. The professional care and concern shown by all the members of your staff in caring for, diagnosing, and treating Elle was most appreciated. We also appreciated the time you spent with us explaining Elle's surgery and treatment options and your patience in answering all our questions. 
Bob & Karen 

Highly Recommend Lakeshore!

Written by: Jean
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Oak Creek

We were referred to Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists when our 9-year old Golden Retriever, Kylie, showed a high level of calcium during a routine blood screening. Fearing a cancer, we visited with Dr. Rachel Reiman, an oncology specialist. After a series of tests, no cancer/tumors/etc. were found. Going forward, the plan is to monitor Kylie's calcium levels on an on-
going basis. We were extremely pleased with the service we received, the cleanliness of the facility, and the helpful, friendly staff and doctors. Highly recommend!

Great Experience with Lakeshore

Written by: Heather and Petey
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

On Easter Sunday, with my husband out of town, I had to bring our little Bichon in after he was ill & became dehydrated. Dr Liebelt offered me the option of bringing Petey home with medication or checking him into the hospital. I decided on the hospital stay & am so very happy that I did! I found the fees to be extremely reasonable & was comforted by the fact that I could call anytime to check on Petey. I picked him up today & received very detailed discharge instructions from the tech, Amy. She explained everything so well! Dr Liebelt also told me that she went to bed thinking about Petey & trying to come up with a possible reason for his illness. She explained another test we could run (with our vet or at Lakeshore). I so appreciated the fact that she was thinking of our little guy even when she wasn't in the office. If we ever need emergency services in the future, we will be heading to Lakeshore. Thank you!

Huge Improvement in Otto

Written by: Lana
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

After dealing with an issue for 9 months, we started coming to Lakeshore and cannot tell you how happy we are. We have seen a huge improvement in Otto.  Your staff is the best!! Thank you for your care in helping us finally heal our boy.  By the way, you are the most timely vet we have seen! :)

Every Staff Encounter is Pleasant

Written by: Karen, Heintz, Edith
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Dear Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists,

I can't thank all of you enough for everything you have done for both my dogs (Heintz and Edith).  Every staff encounter is pleasant and you spend time to explain what animal owners need to know (Dr. Klose spent one and a half hours with me and Heintz today and answered all of my questions).  I have seen other vets at Lakeshore over the past years and it's always been a good experience.  The clerical staff and technicians are always smiling and happy to help.

Thank you all for everything you do for animals and their owners.  It is obvious that you realize how important our pets are to us.


Karen, Heintz, and Edith

Forever Grateful

Written by: Mary, Mark, Sophie
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

Dear Staff at Lakeshore Vet Specialists,

We can't thank all of you enough for the wonderful care you gave to Sophie during her recent health problems.  We are forever grateful to you for saving her life and the exceptional after care!

Mary, Mark, and Sophie