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Miraculous Recovery

Written by: Dina
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Our dog, a 6 year old hound mix, had a disc disease. She was in extreme pain for over two weeks, not being able to move her neck. She kept her head down at all times and was squealing in pain every time she set down or got up off the floor. We've tried painkillers, inflammation reducing medication, and laser treatments. Unfortunately, they did not help. 

After Dr. Rushing performed CT scan, it became very obvious that one of the dog's discs at the base of her neck had a large disc extrusion and was putting pressure on the spinal cord.  Surgery was performed to remove extra mass of herniated disc material and relieve the pressure. Our dog recovered great, was walking the next day. When we picked her up from the clinic, she took off running through the parking lot and jumped into the car. It was hard to believe that the same dog could barely walk down two steps just 3 days prior to this.

Was the procedure expensive? Yes, it was. However, Dr. Rushing and his staff performed a miracle during the surgery. So how much would you pay for YOUR dog's miraculous recovery?

We're very grateful to all staff at the Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital for professionalism and care.

Nicky is Running Again!

Written by: Debbi
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Our dog, Nicky, is a miniature dachshund who is 8 years old.  Don’t let his small stature fool you.  Nicky is a dog who loves agility; he can run circles around all types of breeds.  This little dog has won many National Championships in agility and, just this past Spring, in Jacksonville, Florida, he earned 1st place overall in his division!

In early July, Nicky’s personality changed when he became ill.  He was lethargic, incontinent of his bladder, withdrawn, and would not eat.  My husband and I took him to our primary veterinarian, who ran lab work.  Results showed his kidney numbers were alarmingly high.  By mid August, his condition worsened.  More lab work was done and we were told that he was in renal failure.  We were heartbroken, but did not want to give up hope.  

We inquired about a specialist and were given the name of Dr. Klose, from Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists.   Many more tests and additional lab work were done.  Dr. Klose suggested that we run two additional tests, since his ultra sound was fine and all other lab work appeared fine.  Within 48 hours of this additional lab work, Dr. Klose called and shared that Nicky had tested positive for “Leptospirosis”.  He was started on a new medication that day and within 3 weeks we could see an significant improvement.  Each day he was becoming more like himself.  I was so excited to see him light up again and run.

At the end of September, we were entered in a dog competition for a weekend with our other dogs and Nicky was with us.  I could see in his eyes he wanted so badly to run. Normally, there are 10-13 events on a weekend.  After looking at Nicky, and seeing how excited he was, we entered him in 5 events over the entire weekend.  Nicky was so happy and he ran his heart out.  He won 1st place in all 5 events!  We cannot thank Lakeshore and Dr. Klose enough.  Our Nicky continues to be monitored by Dr. Klose and his team.  There are no words that can describe what it meant to see him run again and enjoy his agility. 

Thanks for Helping My Hound!

Written by: Amy and Boogs of
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Hey, thanks for helping my hound!

A huge thank you to everyone who took care of Boogs last weekend after he hurt his leg!  He is continuing to heal nicely!

Patience and Guidance

Written by: Wanda
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Oak Creek

Dear Dr. Jeremy Page:

I want to express my appreciation for your compassion, understanding, patience & guidance on 8/22/15. You, Jordan & Dorothy were all a blessing to me during my difficult time with Lucky's repetitive illness. I had rescued Lucky 12/16/13 from our deck. He was fine other than an upper respiratory infection the first year. The second year it was regular FLUTD emergencies & then not strong enough for surgery in between. Your patience with me was over & above your duty at the clinic.

Lucky was such a fun kitty with a huge personality & he is still missed lots!!

Thank you for everything the 3 of you did for us that night. Also thank you to Sally for assisting with necessary paperwork!!

Thank you for helping me through this difficult time!

Dove Is Back To Her Full Potential

Written by: Pamela
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Thank you to all, for helping bring back Dove to her full potential with two surgeries & lots of Rehab. She would not be where she is today without your great staff & dedication. Special thanks to Dr. Odders for trusting me in knowing my dog & how to proceed with the second surgery & to Dr Kristin Luginbill & Shannon & Drew for their awesome Rehab Dept. Dove would not be where she is today without all of us working together.

Thank You Dr. Reiman

Written by: Rachel
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

I said goodbye to Mischief in February and her sister, Mouse just yesterday. I wanted to thank everyone at Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists for the amazing care and love they gave my girls, but especially their oncologist Dr. Rachel Reiman and her assistant Audrey. The two of you are seriously amazing people. You are blessed with a very special gift.

Asta Received The Very Best Care

Written by: Julie
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Oak Creek

To Everyone at Lakeshore,

Thank you for the loving care that you gave Asta.  It was a comfort to know that he received the very best care and lots of love and hugs.  He fought hard but his little body just wore out.  I miss him horribly, but it is a comfort to know he is at peace.

Thank you for being so great to little Asta. 



Wonderful Care

Written by: Keri
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Oak Creek

Thank you so much for your wonderful care at your Oak Creek location tonight!  We were scared for our Ladybug and your whole staff made us feel safe and comfortable, couldn't have asked for a better experience, thank you so much!

Kind Generosity Helping Flo

Written by: War Dogs (Carol and Jerry)
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Thank you for your kind generosity helping Flo with her rehabilitation.  It helps speed up her recovery.  Unfortunately retired military dogs have no health benefits.  They saved many lives in the line of duty.  Again thank you so much.

Confidence In Doctors, Technicians, and Support Staff

Written by: Sara
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Our experience with Sophia was scary! But we felt confident in the doctors, technicians and support staff at Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists which made the emergency easier to manage. Thank you!