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Read our client testimonials below to see examples of how our clients and patients have received compassionate specialty and emergency care at our hospitals. To schedule an appointment with Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists, call your nearest location today.

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Care For Teddy Bear

Written by: Kim and Dave
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

We just can't say thank you enough for the wonderful care that Teddy Bear received!

First Class Organization

Written by: Dawn and Wrinkles
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Oak Creek

Thank you so much for all you did to help Wrinkles. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your care and kindness from all; the front desk, techs, doctors-everyone. You definitely are a first class organization and I am very glad that I was able to have Wrinkles in your care.

Amazing and Helpful

Written by: Dana, Will and Lilly
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

I am so very grateful for the care they extend to the pets AND the pet owners! Our 6 yr old female yellow lab had surgery to remove the sock she ate. The staff is amazing and helpful. I hope people don't need their services, but if they do, see Lakeshore Vet Specialists!

Up and Around and Doing Well

Written by: Judy and Marilyn
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Oak Creek

Thanks for your care of Missy.  She is up and around and doing well.  We appreciated your care and concern about her well being.

Loving Care for Buddy

Written by: William and Mary
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Oak Creek

Thank you all so much for the wonderful, loving care you gave Buddy.  We will never forget your kindness!

Eternally Grateful

Written by: Jenna
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

I wanted to thank you for everything you all did for my puppy, Otto.  He wouldn't be here without you and we are eternally grateful.

Excellent Care

Written by: Mary, Jim and Timber (with his sisters, Tess & Emma)
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

Thank you for all your excellent care! We really appreciate all of your help.

Successful Recovery and Continuous Good Health

Written by: Kimi, Rob and Connor
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

Thanks to the wonderful doctors at Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists for their continuous care and attention in getting to the root of Connor’s health issues.  At 12.5 years old, we know we are lucky to still enjoy his company with all that he has been through in the past few years.  We credit his successful recovery from three different surgeries and continuous good health to your doctor’s quick thinking and accurate diagnosis of his issues.  When we call upon Lakeshore, we know we’re going to get an educated diagnosis and a well thought out plan for his health needs.  We are very appreciative of the time and consideration your team has put into Connor’s well-being, thank you so much!

Would Not Hesitate to Return

Written by: Tyler, Becky and Mona
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Port Washington

We brought our beloved golden retriever Mona to the Port Washington Animal Hospital on Saturday night following a seizure that she had at home. She had never had a seizure before and we were very worried about her. I wanted to acknowledge the outstanding care we received from the entire staff. We were immediately greeted and attended to. A tech came out to triage our dog immediately and took us to a room so we wouldn’t have to sit in the waiting room with our scared Mona. The vet, Dr. Rives, came in as soon as she could to talk to us and let us know she was tending to a very sick animal and would be in to see Mona as soon as possible. We were offered something to drink and kept updated throughout the time we waited. Dr. Rives completed a thorough exam and explained everything in great detail. She was very gentle with Mona and gave us options for testing and admission if we wanted. She complimented Mona on her good behavior and temper which is always appreciated. The vet tech and woman at the desk were very friendly and thorough as well. We had a very good experience and would not hesitate to return. We are thankful to all of the staff that helped us and wanted to pass along our gratitude.

Care and Compassion

Written by: Kathy, Morris, Sable and Poncho
Lakeshore Hospital Location: Glendale

I think the Lakeshore staff does a tremendous job. I have taken several of my animals to your Silver Spring location over the years and everyone from the receptionists to the techs to the doctors have always treated my animals with care and compassion. At what is always a very stressful & emotional time, being worried about one of my pets, they always took time to help me figure out what was the best treatment without any pressure. Keep up the great work.