pagetitle_icon.jpgSpecialized and Referral Services

If your pet needs advanced diagnostics, sophisticated surgery, internal medicine expertise, or help with a persistent dermatology or allergy condition, that is where Lakeshore comes in. In most cases, your family veterinarian will refer you to us because we have the equipment and additional training to care for your pet in these types of circumstances.

We recommend your pet visit the veterinarian regularly for proactive, preventative care, to maintain optimum health and wellness. That is their specialty. Our services complement those of your family veterinarian. We work together as a team and do everything possible to enhance the life of your pet.   

As specialists, we are trained in a particular area of medicine. After obtaining a veterinary degree, most of us also completed an internship and many of us continued on with a residency, ultimately becoming board certified. All of us have advanced training and have chosen our particular discipline to focus on and work in collaboration with colleagues who have an equal dedication to their area of expertise. It’s a combination that we are proud of and has proven to yield positive results.

To learn about our individual departments and services, please visit their respective pages.