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Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists is excited to announce our updated list of complementary MVMA Accredited CE designed for technical and support staff (Veterinarians are welcomed and encouraged to attend).  Let us bring education and lunch to you!

Our Lunch and Learns are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the lunch hour (start times 12pm - 2pm).  Our seminars are approximately 45-50 minutes in length.

Recent Clinic Testimonial

My staff recently had the opportunity to experience Lakeshore’s “Lunch and Learn” program. The technicians’ topic was Triage and Assessment, and the receptionists’ was Customer Service. The presenter, Kim, is fun and creates good energy in the room. She has an engaging manner, relevant experience and is very enthusiastic about her subject matter. She called and spoke with me in advance to find out what my hospital’s particular needs were for both of the presentations.

Kim is very approachable, and her ability to engage our staff was outstanding. I highly recommend inviting Kim to your hospital to present your staff with one of many RACE Accredited CE topics. And bonus – your staff will enjoy the free lunch!

-Penn Engebose, Hospital Administrator at Lakeside Animal Hospital

Topic: Anesthesia: Inhalants Overview (1.0cr)
From pre- to post-op, a great review of your anesthetic machine mechanics and nursing care guidelines.

Topic: Blood Pressure (1.0cr)
Discover the value of this vital assessment. We will cover techniques for proper cuff selection and factors for accurate measurements when utilizing oscillometric and doppler monitors.

Topic: Blood Slide Evaluation (1.0cr)
Designed for those new to blood slide evaluation, this lecture reviews smear technique, identification of WBC cell types, evaluation of RBCs and platelets. We will also cover how to calculate WBC absolute differentials and platelet estimates.

Topic: Intravenous Catheterization (1.0cr)
Overview of the circulatory system, including the heart and various blood vessels. Discussion of supplies and supply selection, sites, procedure, and tips for IV catheter placement.


Topic: Phlebotomy (1.0cr)

Overview of the circulatory system, including major blood components. Discussion of blood collection supplies and supply selection, sites, procedure, and blood handling, as well as short and long term storage of blood and blood product samples.

Topic: Radiology 101 (1.0cr)
This CE provides a more in-depth discussion of radiology equipment and how it functions (anode, cathode, heel effect, etc). We will cover basic physics of radiology photons, what mAs and kVp are, and how adjustments impact the image. We will discuss safety as well. This includes physiological effects of radiation and how to minimize exposure. We will also provide requirements and regulations listed by the state of WI and national requirements.

Topic: Radiography: Thoracic & Abdominal Positioning (1.0cr)
We will discuss basics of radiology equipment, how it functions, and how adjustments impact image quality. We then will discuss location of borders, exposure timing, and assessing image quality of thoracic radiographs.

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