Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists
Monday Night Technician Continuing Education Series
2019 Schedule and Lecture Descriptions

Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists is offering free Continuing Education to our referral community! Our amazing medical staff will be speaking to technicians and assistants on the 3rd Monday evening of every month in 2019 at 7 p.m. in our Glendale and Oak Creek locations. We are pleased to offer MVMA approved credits for each lecture. Hope to see you there!
If you are interested in attending, please contact Marissa Couch, MA at 414-540-6710 or at

January 21, 2019 LVS Glendale – “Management of the Congestive Heart Failure Patient”
Dena Fauske, DVM, Practice Limited to Cardiology

The veterinary technician may be called upon to provide nursing care of the acute congestive heart failure patient. An understanding of this disease process, rationale of therapy, and desired outcomes will aid the veterinary technician in providing nursing care.


February 18, 2019 LVS Glendale – “Management and Placement of Feeding Tubes”
Elke Rudloff, DVM, DACVECC

Providing enteral nutrition for our patients is a priority in patient care, veterinary technicians should be familiar with the different methods of delivery, including the placement and management of several types of feeding tubes.


March 18, 2019 LVS Glendale – “Approach to the Diabetic Ketoacidosis Patient”
Armi Pigott, DVM, DACVECC

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a serious metabolic disorder that can occur in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM).1,2 Veterinary technicians play an integral role in managing and treating patients with this life-threatening condition. Recognizing the clinical signs of this disorder and evaluating the patient’s response to therapy become the technician’s role and they should understand how this disorder occurs. Technicians must also educate owners about the long-term care of diabetic pets.


April 15, 2019 LVS Oak Creek – “Ophthalmic Emergencies”
Rachel Lisankis, VMD, DACVO

Time is of the essence in ophthalmic emergencies, as diseases can progress rapidly with dire consequences. This session will discuss presenting signs, initial exam and treatment of the common ophthalmic conditions will be reviewed.


May 20, 2019 LVS Glendale – “Recognizing and Reducing Patient Stress in Your Hospital”
Carol Haak, DVM, DACVECC

Too often we label fractious patients as non-compliant, naughty, or aggressive when their behavior is actually NORMAL. Animals are actually behaving normally when they display reluctance or unwillingness to be poked, prodded, injected, or restrained. For example, protecting your feet from pain or injury is a carefully conserved evolutionary trait. Running away from dangerous or scary stuff is usually a good idea
-- try asking the gazelle who didn't. And being 'big and scary' is a last resort. We need to stop labeling these patients as behavior problems and start addressing their fear.


June 17, 2019 LVS Oak Creek – “Oncologic Emergencies”
Rachel Sternberg, DVM, DACVIM

Veterinary technicians are an important part of a patients’ cancer care team, especially in the management of treatment-related side effects. This lecture will cover knowledge of how to manage common side effects to help ensure the fastest recovery possible for our patients.


July 15, 2019 LVS Glendale – “Urinalysis”
Mandy Nonnenmacher, CVT

This course is designed to provide the veterinary technician with in-depth, useable knowledge on how to perform a urinalysis, as well as information about factors that affect accuracy of results.


August 19, 2019 LVS Oak Creek – “Getting the Most From Your Lab Results”
Jamie Fleming, DVM, DACVIM

Laboratory tests can play an integral part in ascertaining our patients' overall health and may provide a springboard that could guide us towards additional diagnostic and/or therapeutic steps. During our session, we will review differentials for many common lab work parameters reported on a basic complete blood count, chemistry panel, and urinalysis. We will also review pertinent cases that illustrate how awareness of abnormalities that can maximize patient care, treatment, and determine the next diagnostic steps.


September 16, 2019 LVS Glendale – “Common Exotic Restraint, Histories, and Basic Procedures” Kala Chanthalangsy, CVT

This lecture will provide technicians information in essential functions like proper handling, restraint, diagnostic testing, and surgical and anesthetic assistance.


October 21, 2019 LVS Oak Creek – “Common Dermatologic Diseases and Treatment” Jennifer Petersen, DVM, DACVD

This lecture will cover small animal dermatological conditions seen in veterinary practices and cover collection and diagnostic testing commonly performed by veterinary technicians in a dermatology practice.


November 18, 2019 LVS Glendale – “Pain Management”
Kristin Luginbill, DVM, CCRT, cVMA

Veterinary technicians are advocates for the patient and must understand the mechanisms of pain, the recognition of pain in their patients and various approaches to pain management. This lecture will discuss the management of pain in the veterinary patient.


December 16, 2019 – LVS Oak Creek – “Palliative Care for Our Patients”
Kayla Hanson, DVM, DACVECC, CHPV

This lecture will aid veterinary technicians in understanding the hospice philosophy and how it has become an important part of today's health care system. It will introduce different service models, various definitions of care, current trends, and what the future holds for animal hospice. The purpose of hospice is to provide support and care for people in the final phase of a terminal disease.